Subnovii Plasma Treatment

Resurface with Subnovii

Tighten and brighten your skin with the Subnovii Plasma Treatment here at Salt Spa & Wellness Center. Also known as fibro-blasting therapy, the Subnovii system utilizes a pressurized stream of ionized gas to stimulate collagen production and tissue regrowth. 


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Where It Works

If you are currently experiencing any of these skin concerns, Subnovii can help: 

Get ready to see real results! Like a facelift, Subnovii encourages the skin to tighten–giving a youthful appearance. Both cell stimulation and collagen regeneration provide you with the supple, smooth complexion you love. 

The Subnovii Plasma Treatment

Using a plasma pen, energy is converted into pressurized gas rich in oxygen and nitrogen, causing a micro wound in the skin. These tiny, unnoticeable wounds stimulate a response within the body to regenerate the skin. The concentrated area then creates a new wave of collagen and elastin for a younger you. 

There is no downtime with the Subnovii Plasma Treatment. Within a week of treatment, you will see fantastic results. For up to three months after treatment, your complexion will become tighter, brighter, and smoother–like you haven’t aged a day! 

Discover Stunning Skin with Subnovii in Virginia Beach 

Heal your skin with the regenerative power of Subnovii Plasma Treatment. Innovative and effective, your complexion will become smoother and tighter after just one procedure. At Salt Spa, we are excited to help you reach your aesthetic goals. 

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