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Getting that perfect bronzed body through natural sunlight alone can take quite a while. What’s more, baking for long periods of time in the sun can leave your skin sun-damaged. Why go out of your way for a simple tan when you can get the full-body experience right here? At Salt Spa, we not only offer custom spray tanning services but a range of other aesthetic treatments as well! If you’re curious about tanning and want to learn more before committing to a session, we welcome you to get in touch for a consultation today.


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Why Custom Spray Tanning?

Airbrush spray tans are made of a fine mist that includes a chemical called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When DHA is applied to the skin, it causes a reaction that turns your skin tan or bronze. This process isn’t harmful but doesn’t provide any protection from the sun either. The results of spray tans are purely cosmetic and can help you feel positively gorgeous.

What Do Airbrush Spray Tans Address?

Airbrush spray tans are made to give the skin an even pigmentation, smoothing out uneven skin tone. They are cosmetic in nature and don’t actually “treat” any conditions. However, if you’re struggling with certain skin issues that you would like to mask, a spray tan may be the right solution. When you arrive at our spa, we will work with you to determine whether a spray tan would be a good choice.

What Can I Expect?

An even spray tan will allow you to achieve a bronze glow without the health risks associated with tanning beds. The process is simple and involves a thin mist being sprayed over the desired areas of your body. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is completely safe when applied to the skin. However, inhaling the chemical has been known to cause irritation and should be avoided. At Salt Spa, we will provide you with all the necessary information before you commit to your tan.

How Long Do These Tans Last?

Spray tans usually last 3-7 days but can be renewed per your discretion. Many of our clients stop by regularly to get a refresh! Above all, our staff works hard to create a friendly and helpful environment. We invite you to visit us for your spray tanning needs today.

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If you’ve been working on your tan at home with little success, a custom spray tan may be an excellent option! Our team at Salt Spa is happy to help determine whether this aesthetic service is right for you.

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