Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Recover with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Discover the healing powers of oxygen therapy at Salt Spa & Wellness Center. Historically used to aid wound healing and benefit surgery recovery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy works wonders to breathe new life into the body. 


Hyberbaric chamber at Salt

What Does HbOT Help With?

Proven to significantly lengthen telomeres and increase T-cells and B-cells, HbOT can kickstart your body’s immune response and turn back the clock on the aging process. 

HbOT is also useful for the following medical conditions: 

  •   Alzheimers/Dementia
  •   Post-surgery
  •   Traumatic Brain Injuries
  •   Cancers
  •   Concussion
  •   Musculoskeletal injury
  •   Stroke
  •   Chronic pain
  •   Muscle recovery
  •   PTSD
  •   Multiple Sclerosis
  •   COVID-19 Longhauler Syndrome

The HbOT Session

All hyperbaric oxygen sessions take place in a pressurized, air-conditioned chamber inside of Salt Spa & Wellness Center. Each session lasts around 80 minutes in an adjustable lounge chair for maximum comfort. 

Our oxygen chambers are 1.4 ATA (5.7 psi)–with 33% more oxidizing power than the more commonly found 1.3 ATA chambers–and utilize a nasal cannula with 95% oxygen.

Due to the pressurized environment, HbOT allows oxygen to dissolve and saturate the blood plasma deeper into tissue. This increases blood circulation and regenerative processes within the body for maximum healing. 

Heal with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Virginia Beach

Healing begins from within. As one of nature’s most powerful elements, oxygen helps revive the body from a cellular level. At Salt Spa, we use only the best treatments to achieve optimal results. 

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