Put Your Best Face Forward

Refresh and rejuvenate with one of our facials–designed from the finest products and techniques in the aesthetics world. Crafting a beautiful complexion takes time and attention. At Salt Spa, we are happy to help you relax with a soothing facial done in our state-of-the-art facility.


Salt Signature Facial

Our signature facial works wonders for your skin. We designed this facial to awaken your skin and bring back a youthful glow. With our excellent products, we will rejuvenate your complexion after careful extractions. Our Salt estheticians will have you glowing from the inside out.

Men’s Facial

Designed specifically for men, we created a facial that addresses skin concerns while continuing to tone, tighten, and clear your complexion. Your Salt esthetician will discuss what you’re comfortable with prior to treatment to give you a relaxing experience with top-tier results.

Teen Facial

We encourage teenagers to care for their skin–as a beautiful complexion begins at a young age! Focusing on hormonal acne and breakouts specifically, we will carefully perform extractions with a facial newcomer’s comfort levels in mind. Your Salt esthetician will create a clear and sparkling complexion for the teen in your life.

Express Facial

Short on time? Our express facial combines the effectiveness of the Salt Signature Facial while adhering to your busy schedule. We perform all the steps in half the time so you don’t have to sacrifice stunning skin for anything!

Clarifying Rejuvenation Facial

Clear your skin and revive your complexion with the Clarifying Rejuvenation Facial. Extractions are key to ensuring a spotless appearance for weeks to come. We will use deeper exfoliants and products to truly rejuvenate the skin and stimulate skin cell renewal.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

We got your back! At Salt Spa, we address all areas of the skin–including acne on the upper and lower back. It can be frustrating to try and cleanse your back, but our Salt estheticians can. With both extractions and exfoliants, we will clear up your back quickly and effectively. 

Find Facials You’ll Love in Virginia Beach

Everyone’s complexion is different–let us find the facials that are right for you! We take care to bring you stunning results and clear your skin for days post-treatment. Your Salt provider will help point you toward the right procedure. 

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