Brow, Chin & Lip Waxing

Remove Facial Hair Easily

Trying to shave, pluck, and wish away facial hair can be tricky. Intricate areas like the eyebrows and lip are easy to mess up when you try to do it all yourself. At Salt Spa & Wellness Center, you don’t have to worry about painful at-home procedures. Let our waxing professionals reveal your new look! 


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Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrows help shape the face–and they can be difficult to get right. Our aesthetic professionals take time and effort to create a look you’ll love. 

Our gentle wax will help avoid lumps, bumps, and redness. We only choose the best products to give you stunning results. 

At Salt, we recommend visiting the spa every 4 weeks to keep eyebrow shape in perfect condition. 

Chin Waxing

Sometimes, we miss our chin when we think of waxing. If you’re finding a few more hairs than you’d like on your chin, we are happy to help create a smooth surface. 

Chin treatments are quick and easy. At Salt, we use the best possible wax for a painless procedure.

Lip Waxing

Using facial razors only does so much; remove lip hair for longer when you try Salt Spa’s waxing services. Quick and simple, you can kiss any excess lip hair “goodbye!”

Try Salt Spa Hair Removal Services in Virginia Beach

Ditch dangerous razors and time-consuming tweezers with our state-of-the-art facial waxing services at Salt Spa & Wellness Center. Our aesthetic professionals take special care and attention to give you a look you’ll love. 

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