Methyl Detox & Food Sensitivity Testing

Salt Spa is happy to announce that we have partnered with Cell Science Systems to offer Methyl Detox Profile lab testing as well as Food Sensitivity lab testing. This is in addition to Micronutrient Testing to test for vitamin deficiencies. All of these tests allow us the ability to hone in on what the body is lacking to then supplement appropriately rather than blindly guessing.

Methyl Detox Testing

Methylation testing in a nutshell is your body’s ability to absorb and convert into a usable form the vitamins from the foods we eat or oral supplements.  Imagine putting crude oil in your gas tank. Your car wouldn’t run very well if at all.  The crude oil has to be refined into a useable form. 

Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, coenzymes, and botanicals can only do their job as desired on the basis of functioning methylation. Essential processes of the body to maintain health and self-healing are controlled by methyl groups. If methyl groups are in short supply, the body has difficulty controlling these functions. You become ”out of balance.”

Genes Tested:

  • MTHFR: Initiator of Methylation
  • MTR:  Amino Acid Balance
  • MTRR:  Protein Processing
  • COMT:  Hormone Balance
  • AHCY:  Maintains Methylation
  • Homocysteine:  Biomarker for methylation status


  • Cost for 7 gene panel: $300
  • Individual genes:  $65
  • 150 Panel Food Sensitivity test:  $300
  • Micronutrient Vitamin Level Test $390
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