Science-Backed Skincare

Science-Backed Skincare to Treat All of Your Concerns

Salt Spa introduces AnteAGE MDX – a new line of science-backed skincare harnessing the power of growth factors and exosomes to give you your best skin yet.

The Science-Backed Skincare of AnteAGE MDX

We have long known that stem cells play a key role in healing. In fact, as the National Institute of Health explains: “stem cells have the remarkable potential to renew themselves,” which is why they are used to treat a variety of diseases from cancer to neurological conditions. AnteAGE® pioneered using stem and growth factor cytokines from human bone marrow to restore youthful skin. Scientists at AnteAGE® extract cytokines – small proteins that are critical in controlling the activity and growth of cells – from stem cells in the lab to harness the power of stem cell regeneration, without actually using live cells.

Science-Backed Skincare with AnteAGE

Through microneedling, AnteAge MDX treats a variety of common skin concerns to reveal younger, smoother skin, such as:

You will start to see results in as little as one microneedling treatment!

AnteAGE for New Hair Growth

Struggling with hairloss due to aging or other factors? The power of exosomes is also used to regenerate hair growth on your scalp, brows, and lashes. AnteAGE MD® Hair Solution uses microneedling with growth factors and cytokines to stimulate hair follicles, achieving amazing results.

New Skin by Summer

Many patients see results in as little as one treatment, with dramatically different skin in three months*. If you are ready to see more youthful, renewed skin by summer, contact us today! Our experienced staff will listen to your concerns and discuss which treatment options are right for you and your skin.

*Results vary. Optimum results achieved in 6-10 months depending on the patient.

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