Men’s Wellness Services

GBR Plastic Surgery and Salt Spa are proud to offer men’s wellness services with Dr. Erik. T. Grossgold.

About Dr. Grossgold

A graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia and Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dr. Erik Grossgold is a board-certified urologist with a special interest in all aspects of men’s health and wellness. 

At GBR, Dr. Grossgold will be performing vasectomy surgery, hormone replacement therapy, and erectile dysfunction management. Learn more about Dr. Grossgold.

Vasectomy Surgery Without the Wait

At GBR Plastic Surgery, we can schedule your vasectomy consultation and perform the procedure within one month, compared to the 9+ month waiting period you’d experience in the rest of the area. And we know a lot can happen in nine months! If you are ready to experience the benefits of a vasectomy now, contact us to schedule your consultation today.

An Emphasis on Intimate Health

Tackle low testosterone and erectile dysfunction at Galardi Bowen Plastic Surgery, where we take intimate health seriously. As testosterone declines with age, you may experience many physical changes like weight gain, decreased libido, and low energy. Erectile dysfunction (ED) may also become more common.

With the expertise of Dr. Grossgold, we offer hormone replacement therapy to improve male hormone levels and provide treatment options for ED. 

Comprehensive Men’s Wellness

The services provided by Dr. Grossgold are part of GBR Plastic Surgery and Salt Spa and Wellness Center’s commitment to providing comprehensive men’s wellness services – the only center of it’s kind in Hampton Roads. The following curated services are tailored for men at Salt Spa:

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