Boost Your Immunity

Boost your immunity with IV Therapy at ReVITalize at Salt Spa in Virginia Beach

Boost Your Immunity with IV Therapy
Got the winter icks? Boost your immunity with IV therapy! It’s no surprise that with winter weather comes increased cases of flu, colds, or even the dreaded COVID.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, the incidence of flu in Virginia is currently “high”. And while the overall rate of these illnesses is on a downward trend from the holidays, they’re still out there and going strong.

When you’re not feeling your best – or want to head off illness – IV therapy can help. Let ReVITalize at Salt Spa help you stay healthy this winter!

Tackle Cold and Flu Season
At ReVITalize at Salt Spa in Virginia Beach, we offer IV therapy to help boost your immunity and tackle those winter illnesses if and when they do strike. Vitamin C and zinc are commonly known to help your body fight off germs. Our Immune Defense cocktail features a powerful combination of both vitamin C and zinc, as well as lysine, NAC, and taurine for a boost for prevention or to get back on your feet more quickly. 

Customized IV Therapy
Not sure what your body needs? Let our experts at ReVITalize at Salt Spa in Virginia Beach help. We will run some tests to determine your vitamin deficiency levels and what your body needs to achieve better health. We work with your personal needs to create a plan for optimized wellness. 

Concierge Services
When you’re not feeling up to visiting our office, let us come to you! ReVitalize at Salt Spa proudly offers concierge services to help you feel better, no matter where you are (even your car!). To inquire about concierge services, give us a call at (757) 496-4937 or request an appointment. Emergency same-day services depend on RN availability.

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