Improve Your Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

Great looking breasts aren’t all about size; they are also about space, specifically the space between your breasts. Many women who are considering breast augmentation want better cleavage and that means placing the breast implants in just the right spot.

But breast augmentation can help you get the cleavage you desire, whether your breasts are currently too close together or too far apart. If you are considering breast augmentation, talk to your plastic surgeon about the following options:

Implant Pocket Placement

When you receive breast implants, your plastic surgeon creates a pocket for the implant to sit in. Depending on the size of your implant, the laxity of your skin, and the current position of your breasts, your surgeon may need to move the location of this pocket to create better cleavage. Ask your plastic surgeon where they intend to place the pocket in order to give you the look you want.

Type of Breast Implant

The type of breast implant you choose also determines how your cleavage will appear. Some implants are round while others have a teardrop shape. Silicone implants may make cleavage appear differently than saline implants. Some implants are wider than others, bringing breasts closer together.

Your surgeon can help you choose the right implant type, size, and shape for your appearance goals.

When Cleavage Appears

Natural breasts sit a little apart from each other, but can be pressed together to create cleavage with a bra, bikini top, or tight-fitting dress. You should talk to your doctor about if you want this natural cleavage, which gives you more options to create cleavage or not, or if you want a cleavage appearance almost all the time.

To help you decide, look at different pictures of breasts both in and out of bras. Find the cleavage you want and show your doctor so they can better plan your surgery. At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, our experienced surgeon and staff have the experience and skill you need for beautiful cleavage. Contact us today at (757) 496-5556 for your breast augmentation consultation.

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