Does Liposuction actually work?

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure in which excess fat is removed from almost any area of the body (stomach, arms, thighs, and more) by a qualified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical surgery suite. At Galardi | Bowen, our top-notch Virginia Beach plastic surgeons work with you to achieve the liposuction results you’ve dreamed of!

What happens to fat removed during liposuction?

Thanks to recent advances in medical technology, the excess fat removed from certain parts of your body can actually be injected back into other parts of your body! This is the essential concept of the wildly popular Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery procedure.

This redistribution of fat is a revelation in body sculpting and contouring, and as a bonus, it may even reduce the cost of your procedure (since you’re supplying the implant yourself!)

How much does liposuction cost?

Liposuction costs vary depending on a variety of factors. Some patients decide to treat one area of the body, while others tackle several during their time at our accredited plastic surgery suite. We’ll go over all of it at your free liposuction consultation, including potential additional costs for anasthesia, operating fees, etc.

Typically a liposuction procedure at Galardi | Bowen costs between $3,000 – $6,000.

Is liposuction permanent?

Liposuction can be a method of permanent weight loss, with the proper aftercare and lifestyle changes. Once the fat has been removed from the area of your body, it will not return. Due to the nature of our bodies and the desired appearance of our patients, we must leave a few fat cells in the area to provide some suppleness to the surface of your skin.

Without proper care and changes, those fat cells can grow and swell. Talk to your surgeon during your FREE liposuction consultation about creating a sustainable lifestyle plan for life after liposuction.

How much fat can I have removed with liposuction?

As with any medical procedure, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are limitations to the amounts of fat that may be safely removed from a patient’s body, but it all depends on the area (or areas) you’d like treated, as well as your body type, lifestyle, and more.

Since many patients prefer to combine procedures and collectively recover from the all at once (rather than schedule multiple procedures and vacations, as well as pay multiple operating room fees), we strongly recommend a FREE liposuction consultation to find the answers you seek. Our skilled and knowledgeable surgeons and nursing staff will work with you to find the right procedure (or procedures) to achieve the results you desire.

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